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What Employees Think about Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR

What Employees Think about Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR

American employees are changing — and so are their attitudes about workplace giving and volunteering.

Today’s workers are more transient, diverse, and tech-savvy than their predecessors. They are also working in an era of greater uncertainty, as entire industries are being transformed by technology and globalization. Against this backdrop, America’s Charities has conducted a new survey of U.S. workers that gauges attitudes toward giving and volunteering in the workplace. 

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In this free guide, you'll learn:

What types of giving methods and opportunities employees are interested in. 

How workplace giving and volunteer programs can help your company attract and retain talent, build a strong culture, and achieve greater social impact.

How your company can structure more successful employee giving and volunteering programs.

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Nearly 71 percent of workplace donors say that they want to work for employers who have missions and values that align with their own personal values.

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