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Fees in Workplace Giving: Selecting the Right Technology and Service Provider

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The number of vendors offering software and services to support workplace giving programs has exploded in recent years, the result of a growing interest among employees to give back as well as improvements in technology.

This trend offers companies more choices than ever before. But with choice comes confusion. Nearly every one of these vendors offers a different suite of services — and a different fee structure.

Some charge a flat fee upfront. Others charge employers a percentage of the amount donated to charities. Still, others pass along the cost to the charities that receive the funding. And many serve up a combination of these and other fees.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small company, a few simple questions can help you understand the technology, services, and fees associated with employee giving and engagement technology and services. Then you can make informed choices about the value of your purchase and get the most bang for your company’s buck.

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In this free guide, you'll learn:

Six common pitfalls that cause companies to rethink their purchasing decisions.

An overview of potential fee structure components to expect.

Questions to ask as you assess your program need.

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Did You Know?

Some employers pay extra for separate service providers to get all the functionality they need, when an all-in-one solution would be less expensive, simpler for employees, and easier to measure overall impact.

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