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Case Study: How Optimizely Increased Its Employee Giving Results Sevenfold

Case Study_ How Optimizely Increased Its Employee Giving Results Sevenfold

John Leonard, Program Manager at Optimizely, knew his co-workers were very generous, but he didn't realize just how generous until he saw the results of the company's most recent annual employee giving campaign. After working with America's Charities' team of experts to come up with a customized strategy and plan to guide the program and putting America's Charities' recommendations into action, Optimizely's employee giving results increased sevenfold, with more than 50% of employees participating. 


In this free guide, you'll learn:

How to increase employee giving results similar to Optimizely.

How America's Charities experience working with hundreds of companies and organizations would benefit you through giving programs.

Effective ways to kick off campaigns and increase employee participation in volunteering.

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Causecast online giving platform makes campaigns seemless and easy for employees to donate with just a few clicks away. 

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